Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Please consider these following recommendations to enable you to receive the maximum benefit from your study of Steps to Knowledge:

  • Steps to Knowledge is a complete program of study. Each step takes you higher and closer to your self-discovery. Therefore, plan to go the whole way. If you don’t stop, you will advance.
  • Though Steps to Knowledge is a self-study program, it is recommended that you find others with whom you can share your practice and experience. This maximizes your opportunity for learning and provides a meaningful basis for new relationships to form.
  • Follow the “steps” in Steps to Knowledg exactly as they are given. Do not alter the practices in any way. This is very important. You may stay on one lesson for more than a day if you wish, but do not stay on any lesson for too long or you may lose pace with the curriculum.
  • Do not skip ahead or alter the sequence to practice lessons that you find to be attractive. Each lesson is designed to take you one step at a time. This provides a safe and successful passage in your approach to Knowledge. Follow and utilize the step for the day. It is perfect for that day.
  • Read the lesson both in the morning when you arise and later in the day. You may also read the lesson in the first person, on one of these occasions, if you wish to personalize the message for yourself.
  • Steps to Knowledge will teach you how to practice and how to develop effective study habits. At times you may find that staying with the practices will be quite a challenge. Yet remember that Steps will build both your strength and self-awareness through its practices. You are able to do these practices and doing them will harmonize and transform your life.
  • Set aside regular practice times each day. Do not let circumstances dictate your availability to practice. Practice is essential for building an environment for Knowledge to emerge. Practice times have been added at the bottom of each step to assist you in integrating the practice into your day.
  • Keeping a journal is extremely valuable in tracking your progress and in seeing how each step plays a part in serving you every day. The journal is a powerful tool for self-discovery and will assist you in applying the steps. Keeping a journal also will greatly help you in using the REVIEW practices that occur throughout the curriculum.
  • Be patient and allow the steps to work for you. It is amazingly powerful if you follow the sequence of the steps as they are given. This takes time. A great journey is made up of many little steps. Each one is necessary.
  • If you miss a day, simply return to practice. Do not condemn yourself (or the program). You need only continue in Steps to receive its full benefit.
  • Steps to Knowledge may challenge cherished beliefs and assumptions. If this occurs, accept this challenge and see what it holds for you. You must see beyond a limited viewpoint to gain a greater one. This is where satisfaction is achieved.
  • Steps to Knowledge is a gift to you from God through the unseen teachers who serve humanity. It is a gift for you to receive and to give.