Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

The power and scope of Steps to Knowledge is as great as is its purpose. Its Source is from beyond this world. It teaches that the world is in the process of entering into a Greater Community of Worlds. It offers a new spiritual understanding and preparation that are needed to activate each person’s spiritual powers and worldly abilities. This will redeem their past and prepare them for their future. Steps to Knowledge advocates a perspective greater than a purely human point of view in comprehending events within the world and beyond. It would be appropriate then to say that the curriculum in the Steps to Knowledge represents Universal Wisdom in the truest sense.

As Steps so often indicates, the Truth, however conceptualized, must be fully experienced to be realized and properly applied. This is a step-by step process. To serve those who are called to realize their spiritual heritage and purpose in the world at this time, Steps to Knowledge has been given.