Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 113

I will not be persuaded by others.

ANY MIND THAT IS MORE RESOLVED THAN YOURS can persuade you and cast an influence upon you. There is nothing very mysterious about this. It is simply the result of one mind being more concentrated or focused than another. Minds have relative degrees of influence upon one another, depending upon their concentration and depending upon the kind of influence they exert. Let Knowledge persuade you, for that is the greatness that you carry. Let not the opinions or will of others persuade you. Let only their Knowledge influence you, for only this can influence your Knowledge. This will be quite different from feeling dominated, manipulated or persuaded by others.

THEREFORE, KEEP TO YOURSELF. Follow Knowledge. If another stimulates your Knowledge, then give that individual your attention so that you may learn of the true powers of persuasion. Yet, let not the persuasions of this world—its grievances, its cherished ideals, its morality, its demands or its compromises—influence you, for you are following Knowledge, and you need not follow the persuasions of the world.

REMIND YOURSELF OF TODAY’S IDEA upon the hour and practice stillness deeply in your two meditation practices today. Allow only Knowledge to persuade you, for this is all that you need to follow in the world.

Practice 113: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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