Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 170

I am following the Ancient Rite of preparation today.

THIS PREPARATION THAT YOU ARE UNDERTAKING is ancient in its origin. It has been used for centuries, in this world and in other worlds as well. It is only adapted in its language and in its relevancy to your current time, yet it prepares the mind in the way that minds have always been prepared in The Way of Knowledge, for Knowledge does not change and the preparations only adapt themselves to current events and current understanding so that they may be relevant for the recipients. Yet, the true mechanism for preparation is unchanged.

YOU ARE UNDERTAKING AN ANCIENT RITE in the reclamation of Knowledge. Born of the Great Will of the Universe, this preparation has been constructed for the advancement of students of Knowledge. You are working in tandem now with many other individuals, both within this world and within other worlds as well. For Knowledge is being taught in all worlds where intelligent life exists. Thus, your efforts are supported and embellished by the efforts of those who are preparing with you. In this, you represent a community of learners. Think not, then, that your efforts are singular. Think not, then, that you are alone in the world undertaking the reclamation of Knowledge. Think not, then, that you are not part of a community of learners. This will be more evident to you in time as you begin to recognize those who are preparing with you. This will be more evident in time as your experience of the presence of your Teachers deepens. This will be more evident in time as the results of your Knowledge become evident even to you. This will be more evident in time as you consider your life as part of a Greater Community of Worlds.

REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR PRACTICE UPON THE HOUR. In your deeper practices in stillness, receive the benefit of all who practice with you. Remind yourself that you are not alone and that their rewards are given to you as your rewards are given to them. Thus, you share in your accomplishments together. The power of your undertaking is so tremendously supported by the endeavor and the giving of others that it far exceeds your own abilities. When this is realized, it will give you all manner of encouragement and will banish forever the idea that you are inadequate to the tasks that are given to you. For your giving is supplemented by the giving of others, and this represents the Will of God in the universe.

Practice 170: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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