Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 193

I shall listen to others without judgment today.

LISTEN TO OTHERS WITHOUT JUDGMENT TODAY. Knowledge will indicate if what they are saying is of value or not. It will do this without any form of condemnation, without any comparison and without any evaluation on your part whatsoever. Knowledge is attracted to Knowledge, and it is not attracted to that which is not Knowledge. Therefore, you may find your rightful way without contributing judgment or hatred upon the world. This is your Inner Guidance system serving you. It will lead you where you need to be and will lead you to contribute where your contributions can be of the greatest value. If you listen to others without judgment, you will hear both Knowledge and the call for Knowledge. You will see where Knowledge exists and where it has been denied. This is natural. You do not need to judge people to make this determination. It is simply known.

LISTEN TO OTHERS SO THAT YOU MAY EXPERIENCE yourself listening, for it is not your task to judge the world or to determine where and how your gifts should be given. It is your task to experience yourself in life and to allow Knowledge to arise, for Knowledge will give itself when and where it is appropriate. This allows you to have peace, for you are not trying to control the world.

ALLOW YOUR PRACTICES TO BE DEEP. Practice upon the hour as before. Listen to others today so that you may experience yourself in relationship with them, so that their true message to you may be given and comprehended. This will affirm for you the presence of Knowledge and the need for Knowledge in the world all at once.

Practice 193: Hourly practice.

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