Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 244

I am honored when others are strong.

WHEN YOU ARE STRONG, OTHERS ARE HONORED. When they are strong, you are honored. In this way, Knowledge affirms itself in the world, where Knowledge has been forgotten. Knowledge need only be affirmed through experience and expression to be given to others. Your greatest teaching in this life is the contribution of your life as it is demonstrated to others. Indeed, this is your greatest gift to yourself, for as your life is demonstrated in its value to you, your estimation of yourself will be redeemed, and you will understand your true value in proportion to life itself.

THEREFORE, WHEN OTHERS ARE STRONG, you are honored. In this way, you will not seek to belittle another to strengthen yourself. You will not seek to affirm your advantage based upon another’s disadvantage. In this way, no guilt will attend your accomplishment, for no one has been betrayed as you seek to gain experience and advancement in life.

THE LESSON FOR TODAY IS VERY DEEP and will require much consideration. Upon the hour repeat the idea for today and give it serious consideration in every circumstance in which you find yourself. In your deeper practices today, enter stillness and silence. Allow yourself this gift because the idea for today is very simple and very true. It is in no way complex, though it will require serious consideration, for you are far too used to entertaining only things of superficial value. Throughout our training together in these days, weeks and months, you are learning to engage your mind to recognize what is obvious and apparent, but which has not yet been apparent to you who have entertained yourself with shallow things.

THEREFORE, TODAY LET THIS TIME BE GIVEN TO KNOWLEDGE. Let this time be given to that which strengthens you and all other individuals in the universe. When others are strong, you are honored. In this, all separation ends, and true giving becomes apparent.

Practice 244: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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