Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 251

If I abide with Knowledge, there will be no confusion in my relationships.

IF KNOWLEDGE IS NOT CONFUSED, how can you be confused who abide in Knowledge? To abide with Knowledge, however, means that you are not attempting to resolve things, to understand things, to control or to persuade things without Knowledge. You are not attempting to fulfill your specialness by using another to enhance it. You are not attempting to substantiate your errors by casting blame upon another.

WITH KNOWLEDGE THERE IS NO CONFUSION IN RELATIONSHIPS. You know who to be with and who not to be with, and there is no blame in this. You know where to devote yourself and where not to devote yourself, and there is no condemnation in this. You choose this over that, not right over wrong. You go here not there because here is where you must go. How simple this is and how totally effective. This affirms Knowledge in all individuals, and no one is condemned. Here the gates of hell are opened and all are free to return to Knowledge, for the gates of hell are open already, and Knowledge is calling to all who dwell there to return to God. For what is hell but life without God and life without Knowledge? It is life imagined, that is all.

THEREFORE, RECEIVE THE CALL OF KNOWLEDGE, which is the call of God for you to awaken and participate with life. You can do nothing alone, and your relationships will be clear when you abide with Knowledge. Remember this upon the hour and in your two longer practice periods today, dedicate yourself to actively looking at every single primary relationship involvement that you have had. Recognize in them the frustrations and the confusion, the great expectations and the great disappointments, the bitterness over error, the sense of failure and the projections of blame. Then, realize that with Knowledge none of this need be, for with Knowledge the meaning and purpose of each relationship was recognized at the beginning of your involvement and was affirmed at the end.

REALIZE IN YOUR CURRENT RELATIONSHIPS that with Knowledge all things will be clear, and you may proceed without guilt or blame and without compulsion or need. With Knowledge you may follow that which is precisely beneficial to you and to your beloved, for all relationships are honored and blessed through Knowledge, and all individuals find their rightful place with one another. In this, each person is honored and his or her Knowledge is confirmed. Let this be your understanding today.

Practice 251: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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