Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 277

My ideas are small, but Knowledge is great.

REALIZING THE TRUTH OF THIS STATEMENT will allow you to align yourself with the source of all Knowledge. Then you can escape the darkness of the world of imagination. Imagination is unstable, and even its brightest moments can turn to darkness in a second. Even its greatest inspirations can be bitterly discouraged with the slightest provocation. Here there is no certainty. Here there is no reality. Here nothing is trustworthy, for only change can be expected. That which is gifted and valued will most certainly be lost. That which is grim and destructive will most certainly pursue you.

SUCH IS A LIFE LIVED IN IMAGINATION. Such is a life lived in the isolation of your own thinking. Do not underestimate the power of Knowledge to liberate you from this hopeless situation where nothing genuine can be discerned, where no true meaning can be acquired and where nothing that is permanent and real can be realized and established. It is your salvation out of the darkness of your separate imagination that will lead you into the reality of life and will redeem you there.

REALIZE HERE THAT EVEN YOUR GREATEST IDEAS, even those ideas born of Knowledge, are small in contrast to Knowledge itself. Knowledge is the great source of your being as it is expressing itself in your individual life. Therefore, honor what is great and realize what is small. Realize that in time as Knowledge begins to emerge within you and as you allow it to express itself ever more freely, you will begin to recognize those thoughts that emanate from Knowledge and those thoughts that are merely imagined. Yet, even thoughts from Knowledge, which are far more powerful and effective than any other thought that you can imagine, even these thoughts which are the seeds of true understanding in the world are small in contrast to Knowledge.

REMEMBER UPON THE HOUR THE POWER OF THIS IDEA, for it is given to liberate you from your own confusion and false assumptions. In your deeper practice periods today, apply your mind actively. Attempt to look at every idea that you hold dear, whether it be positive or negative. Look at any idea that you believe in or adhere to. Examine your relationship to the primary ideas that govern your life. Then, remind yourself after you look at each one that Knowledge is far greater than that idea. Here you will realize that there is a means for you to escape the world of ideas and enter the world of relationship, where everything is viable, real and based upon a foundation that can never change.

Practice 277: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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