Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 336


BEGIN YOUR TWO-WEEK REVIEW by reviewing the first lesson in this two-week period, rereading the lesson and recalling your practice for that day. Follow this subsequently for each following day. Review your practice. Realize what your practice is for and recognize what your practice is reinforcing within you. Recognize how much you want this reinforcement to occur and realize the tremendous value that you are receiving and are attempting to receive as you prepare as a student of Knowledge. Let your review today be a confirmation of the importance of your preparation. Recognize how much you need to strengthen your participation and how much you need to set aside ideas that are debilitating or that deny the existence of Knowledge within your life. Remember that Knowledge is with you and that your Teachers are with you, to be experienced and received every moment. As you learn to receive this, you will naturally express this.

IN YOUR ONE LONG PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY, review the past two weeks of practice and realize what is being offered to you. Realize how much you need to receive. Realize how much you want to receive.

Practice 336: One long practice period.

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