Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 34

I am a beginning student of Knowledge.

YOU ARE A BEGINNING STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE. Regardless of how intuitive you may consider yourself, regardless of how mentally capable you may consider yourself, regardless of how emotionally honest you may consider yourself, no matter what your recognized advancement, you are a beginning student of Knowledge. Be happy that this is so, for beginning students are in a position to learn all things and need not defend their accomplishments. We do not belittle your accomplishments but instead wish to shine the light of truth upon the greatness that waits to be discovered within you, a greatness that will give you true equality in life and in time will reveal what you have come here specifically to do.

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS, begin by acknowledging to yourself that you are a beginning student of Knowledge and by reminding yourself to make no premature conclusions either about this curriculum or about your abilities as a student. Such judgments are premature and rarely reflect the truth in any way. They are usually a form of self-discouragement and thus serve no worthy purpose at all.

AFTER DECLARING TODAY’S IDEA TO YOURSELF and reminding yourself not to judge, practice 15 minutes of inner stillness in your two practice periods. Attempt to feel the truth within you. Focus your mind on one point, either a physical point or an imaginary point if necessary. Let everything settle down inside. Let yourself become as quiet as possible, and do not be discouraged if there is difficulty. You are a beginning student of Knowledge and thus can learn all things.

Practice 34: Two 15-minute practice periods.

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