Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 41

I am not afraid of the power of God.

THIS AFFIRMATION IS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR HAPPINESS, for you must learn again to trust the power of love and the power of God. For this you must relinquish your former ideas, assumptions and evaluations of past painful experiences. It is painful to be separated from that which you love beyond all things, and the only way to maintain this separation is to malign that which you love, to give it an evil intent and then to engender guilt within yourself. To feel and accept the power of God, evil and guilt must leave you. You must venture forth to explore that which is most natural. It is like breaking new ground and coming home all at once.

IN STILLNESS, THEN, PRACTICE TWICE TODAY feeling the power of God. Do not seek for answers from God. You need not speak at all but only be present, for as you learn to be in relationship with that which is the source of all your relationships, the information that you need can come easily to you to guide you, comfort you and correct you when necessary. But first you must feel the power of God, and in this you will find your own strength.

Practice 41: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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