Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 83

I value Knowledge beyond all things.

IF YOU COULD EXPERIENCE THE DEPTH AND POWER of this statement, it would free you from all forms of bondage. It would erase all conflicts in your thinking. It would end completely all that troubles you and perplexes you. You would not view relationships either as a form of domination or as a form of punishment. This would give you an entirely new basis of understanding in your participation with others. It would give you a frame of reference within which you would be able to develop yourself mentally and physically, keeping a greater perspective as you do so. What has disappointed you but the misappropriation of your abilities? What grieves and angers you but the misappropriation of other people’s abilities.

VALUE KNOWLEDGE. It is beyond your understanding. Follow Knowledge. It guides you in ways that you have never experienced. Trust Knowledge. It gives you back to yourself. Trust comes before understanding, always. Participation comes before trust, always. Therefore, participate with Knowledge.

REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR AFFIRMATION UPON THE HOUR. Try to be very consistent. Do not forget today to emphasize that you value Knowledge above all other things. In your two meditation practices, give this statement as an affirmation and then, in stillness, allow yourself to receive. Do not use these practices to gain answers or information, but allow yourself to become quiet, for a quiet mind can learn all things and know all things. Words are but one form of communication. You are now learning to communicate, for your mind is now opening to a greater association.

Practice 83: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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