Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 165

My duties are small. My mission is great.

YOUR DUTIES IN THE WORLD ARE SMALL. They are meant to secure provisions which you need physically and to maintain those alliances with others that are beneficial for your wellbeing and for their well-being as well. These duties are important, but your mission is greater. Do not undermine your ability to receive your mission by being in failure concerning your duties. This is only a form of self-avoidance. Carry out your duties specifically this day regarding your employment and your engagement with others. Do not confuse this with your mission, which is something far greater that you are only now beginning to receive and to experience. Thus, your duties will provide a foundation for you as you undertake the preparation for the reclamation and the contribution of Knowledge.

REMEMBER THAT ALL CONFUSION is the confusion of different levels. Do not confuse mission with duty. This is a very important distinction for you to make. Your tasks in the world are specific, but your mission is far greater. As your mission begins to express itself within you who are learning to receive it, it will create a more specific influence upon your duties as well. This is gradual and entirely natural for you. This merely requires that you be self-disciplined, consistent and trusting enough to follow its steps.

THEREFORE, CARRY OUT YOUR DUTIES TODAY so that you may be a beginning student of Knowledge. Remind yourself of your practice upon the hour, and in your two longer practice periods, actively engage your mind in considering the idea for today. Its true meaning is not superficial, and you must investigate it to understand its full value. Do not be complacent with premature conclusions. Do not stand on the outside of Knowledge and attempt to judge it for yourself. Enter into it so that you may be a student today, for you are now a student of Knowledge. You are now giving yourself to the world in your preparation.

Practice 165: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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