Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 240

Small ideas cannot fulfill my need for Knowledge.

GREAT IDEAS, FANTASTIC IMAGES or wonderful belief systems cannot meet your need for Knowledge. Ideas alone can set you on your way, but they cannot take you on the journey. They may speak of greater things awaiting you, but they cannot take you there, for Knowledge must be your guide to your destiny and your fulfillment. With ideas you stand at the beginning, pointing the way for others, but you yourself cannot go.

WHEN YOU ARE TRAVELING WITH KNOWLEDGE, Knowledge will extend itself through ideas. It will extend itself through actions, through gestures and through all the vehicles of communication in this world. Therefore, do not be content with ideas alone. Do not think that by speculating upon ideas that you are comprehending the nature of Knowledge and its true application in the world. These things can be experienced and observed, but the individuals experiencing and observing them must be moved at the very core of their being.

THEREFORE, DO NOT BE SATISFIED WITH LITTLE THINGS in place of the greatness of your true being and your purpose in the world. Return to Knowledge, and be grateful for the ideas that have pointed you in this direction. But realize that the power that can move you, the power that gives you the strength to prepare and participate, is born of the great Wisdom and Knowledge that you carry. It requires Knowledge to follow Knowledge. It requires Knowledge to prepare for Knowledge. Thus, Knowledge is exercised even as you approach it.

DO NOT, THEN, REMAIN AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR JOURNEY with ideas alone. Do not accept little things in place of the greatness of your function. Remind yourself of this upon the hour and in your deeper meditation practices, once again enter stillness and peace. Come to your practice without questions. Come to your practice without petitions. Remind yourself that in Knowledge all things will be given, all things will be received and all things will be applied as they are needed. As your mind becomes more simple and open, it will become a vehicle for Knowledge to express itself in the world.

Practice 240: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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