Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 253

All things I truly need will be provided for me.

TO THIS STATEMENT YOU MUST GIVE YOUR COMPLETE FAITH, though your past has been a record of discouragement and disappointment. Yet, even here you can realize that those things that you truly needed for the advancement of Knowledge and for the advancement of your true mental and physical capabilities were provided for you.

ALL THINGS YOU TRULY NEED WILL BE PROVIDED. It is when you want things that you do not truly need that your awareness of this becomes confused, and this leads you into dark speculation and grave disappointment. What you need will make you happy; what you don’t need will make you confused. This is very simple, very straightforward and very direct. Knowledge is always like that. Knowledge affirms that which is essential. Here your approach to life becomes simple and direct. Thus, you experience life as simple and direct.

IF YOU APPROACH LIFE IN A DEVIOUS WAY, life will appear devious to you. If you approach life with simplicity and honesty, life will appear simple and honest to you. Knowledge will indicate that which is truly needed and that which is extraneous, those things that you must carry and those which are merely extra baggage that will burden you. If you want what is unnecessary and devote yourself to that, you will lose touch with what is real and genuine, and your life will become confused and unhappy.

SPEAK THESE WORDS UPON THE HOUR AND CONSIDER THEM. Life around you will demonstrate that they are true. In your deeper meditation practices, enter stillness once again. Direct your effort on your own behalf, and your mind will respond to your command. It is your desire for Knowledge that will let all things come to you. This confidence in life will give you the assurance to proceed. This confidence in life will give you the assurance that your life is highly valued in the world. This confidence in life will affirm that which guides life itself, for within life there is Knowledge and there is fantasy, but life itself is Knowledge.

Practice 253: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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