Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 269

The power of Knowledge will extend itself from me.

THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE WILL EXTEND ITSELF from you who are receiving Knowledge. At first this will be very subtle, but as you continue to develop and apply yourself, the power of Knowledge will become stronger and stronger. It will be a force of attraction for some. It will be a force of rejection for others who are unable to respond to it. It will influence all. That is why you must learn to be very discerning in relationships, for as you progress as a student of Knowledge, your influence over others will be greater. You must not use this influence for selfish purposes, or your activities will be destructive to you and to others.

KNOWLEDGE PROVIDES THIS RESTRAINT that we have spoken of, and you must exercise it on your own behalf. If you are ambitious with Knowledge, you will pose very great risks to yourself and to other people, for Wisdom, compassion, restraint and self-control must accompany the development of Knowledge. If you attempt to use Knowledge for your own selfish gain or for what you think the world needs, you will lead yourself astray and Knowledge will not accompany you.

ACCEPT THE RESTRAINT AND DEVELOPMENT that are called for now, for they will protect you and enable you to render your gifts with a minimum of discord and personal risk. They will guarantee the wholeness and worthiness of your contribution, for it will be untainted by selfish motives. Practice upon the hour and enter deeply into meditation twice today. Repeat your idea for the day and enter into stillness once again. Allow this to be a day where Knowledge is strengthened.

Practice 269: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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