Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 280


REVIEW THE PAST TWO WEEKS, beginning with the first lesson in your Review period and continuing on each day up until the last lesson. Try to gain an overview of all that has transpired in the past two weeks. Try to see how you could deepen and improve your practice. Recognize how much time and energy are wasted in ambivalence and idle speculation. Realize how much of your energy is being wasted in doubt and confusion when you need only abide with Knowledge. Your ability to follow that which is beyond your comprehension, which is necessary here, will lead you to the greatest possible certainty that life can render to you. Through this certainty, your ideas, your actions and your perceptions will gain a uniformity that will allow them to be a powerful expression in the world, where humanity is confused and lost in the ambivalence of imagination. It is by following that you are able to give and you are able to lead. You will recognize this in time as you exercise your freedom and allow your freedom to exercise itself through you.

YOU ARE NOW A STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE. Dedicate yourself to the application of your preparation with increasing devotion and involvement. Allow the mistakes of your past to motivate you. They need not be and should not be a source of self-recrimination. They are intended now to be understood as the demonstration of your need for Knowledge. Thus, you may be very thankful that Knowledge is being given to you, for you are realizing that above all else it is Knowledge which you seek.

Practice 280: One long practice period.

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