Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 303

I will step back from the world’s persuasions today.

STEP BACK FROM THE WORLD’S PERSUASIONS. Recognize what is certain and what is confused. Recognize what is devoted and what is ambivalent. Let not the power of the world’s frustration and confusion overtake you today, but hold the light of God within your heart. Keep it burning within yourself as you venture into the world. Thus, you pass through the world unscathed and uninfluenced because you are abiding with Knowledge. Without Knowledge, the world merely sweeps you away in its own frenzy. It sweeps you away in its inducements and its mad pursuits.

TODAY YOU ABIDE WITH KNOWLEDGE, and so you are free of the world’s persuasions. Repeat today’s idea upon the hour and recognize how important it is in maintaining your inner balance and your sense of self and certainty. Realize how important today’s idea is in allowing you to keep stillness alive within you so that your deeper meditations, in which you will practice stillness again today, can exert their influence and their results upon all of your activities, for this is their purpose.

RECOGNIZE THE WORLD’S PERSUASIONS AND STEP BACK. This you are given to do, for here you have the power of decision. This you can do once you recognize the world’s persuasions and realize how important Knowledge is. This will enable you to exercise the power of decision on your own behalf. Here the world will not claim you, and here you will be a force for good in the world, for this is your purpose.

IN YOUR DEEPER MEDITATION PRACTICES, once again give today’s idea as an invocation to prepare you. In stillness and in silence enter into the sanctuary of Knowledge so that you may rejuvenate and refresh yourself there. Find reprieve there from your own internal conflicts and from the conflicts that rage in the world. When you return from your sanctuary, remind yourself that you will not be claimed by the world’s confusion. Remind yourself that you will not fall prey to the world’s persuasions. Then, you will carry forth the safety that you are now learning to receive into the world around you.

Practice 303: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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