Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 70


TODAY CULMINATES TEN WEEKS OF PRACTICE. Congratulations! You have come this far. To be a true student means that you are following the steps as they are given. To do this you must learn to honor yourself, to honor the source of your instruction, to recognize your limitations and to value your greatness. Thus it is that this is a day of honor and a day of acknowledgment for you.

REVIEW THE LAST THREE WEEKS OF PRACTICE. Reread the instructions and recall each practice period. Recall what you gave and what you did not give. Honor your participation and attempt to strengthen it today. Deepen your resolve to have Knowledge and deepen your experience of being a true follower so that in the future you may learn to be a true leader. Deepen your experience of being a true recipient so that you may be a true contributor.

LET THIS DAY OF REVIEW, then, be a day of honor for you and a day that strengthens your commitment. Honestly evaluate your participation. Assess your apparent successes and failures. Your successes will encourage you, and your failures will teach you what you need to do to deepen your experience. This is a day of honor for you who are honored.

Practice 70: Several long practice periods.

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