Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 89

My emotions cannot dissuade my Knowledge.

EMOTIONS DRAW YOU LIKE THE STRONG WINDS. They pull you from place to place. Perhaps in time you will be able to understand their mechanism more thoroughly. Our practice today is to emphasize that they do not control Knowledge. Knowledge does not need to destroy your emotions. It only wishes to contribute to them. In time, you will come to understand a great deal more about your emotions, and you will realize that your emotions may serve a greater purpose, as may your mind and your body. All things that have been a source of pain, discomfort and disassociation, when brought into service to one power—which is the One Power—will then become vehicles of expression serving a greater purpose. Even anger serves a greater purpose here, for it shows you that you have violated Knowledge. Though your anger may not be directed towards another, it is simply a sign that something has gone wrong and that correction has to be made. You will understand the source of grief, and you will understand the source of all emotions in time.

PRACTICE UPON THE HOUR and at the beginning of your two longer meditation periods, repeat today’s idea and then enter into stillness. Today learn to value that which is certain and to understand that which is uncertain, to recognize that which is cause and that which obstructs cause but which may in time serve cause itself.

Practice 89: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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