Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 245

When others fail, I am reminded of the need for Knowledge.

WHEN OTHERS FAIL, LET THIS REMIND YOU of your need for Knowledge. Let your need for Knowledge not be underestimated. Thus, you need not respond with condemnation or judgment upon those who fail, but realize their great need and your great need. This will only confirm, then, the depth with which you must now prepare yourself. For you prepare yourself not only for your own advancement and fulfillment, but for the advancement and fulfillment of humanity. This is no idle claim or statement. It is absolutely the truth. For every step you take towards Knowledge, you give your accomplishment to the world, and you lessen the burden of all who struggle with their own fantasies and sense of failure.

YOUR LIFE, THEN, BECOMES YOUR TEACHING, for it is a life of Knowledge. It demonstrates the presence of Knowledge in the world, which is the presence of God. This happens as a result of your serving as an advanced vehicle for Knowledge. In your advancement all human capabilities are furthered, all human liabilities are dissipated and that which is most true and genuine in individual human life in the world is exalted. And that which is beyond all human life, but which contains human life, is affirmed as well. Therefore, another’s failure is a call for your involvement with Knowledge. It is a call for your advancement and strengthening because you have come into the world to give.

REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS UPON THE HOUR and in your two longer practice periods, actively engage your mind in comprehending this idea. Think of every individual that you think has failed and realize the meaning of today’s lesson in light of those individuals serving you. Realize the need for Knowledge within their lives and within your life. They are committing errors to spark your commitment to Knowledge. They are serving you in this regard, and this calls for your gratitude not your condemnation. They are teaching you to value the valuable and to release the meaningless. Think not they are not saving you time. They are saving you time. They are demonstrating that which you need to learn and to accept. Therefore, commit yourself to their well-being for teaching you to value Knowledge. As you value Knowledge, the result of your value will be given back to them in return, and they will be strengthened and honored by your accomplishment.

Practice 245: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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